Living Waters

A Christ-centred Church passionate about living and sharing the Kingdom of God through community

About Us

Situated in the heart of Irene Village with deep roots and history, St Martin In-the-Fields was established as a worshipping community of faithful people at the beginning of the 20th century. The Church was finally built in 1924, with a seating capacity of 60 people. Although we have grown over the years our vision remains to be a Christ centred church passionate about living and sharing the kingdom of God through community.

We believe our mission is to provide a loving home where people can worship God, share the good news of Jesus, be encouraged to grow in Spirit, share fellowship and serve the community – through a Spirit filled relationship with Christ.

We are a diverse community and welcome all to live out their faith in fellowship with each other.

Story of St Martin

Our Patron Saint, St Martin, stands as a beacon for us to care for the vulnerable, particularly those who are economically vulnerable and find themselves trapped in poverty. His personal story of helping a street beggar by cutting his cloak into two to provide the man with some warmth, and subsequently Christ appearing to St Martin wearing half the cloak saying – “you have clothed Me with this mantle” rings out a message, and a challenge, for us as parishioners of St Martin’s in Irene.

Martinmas is the feast of St Martin – in Europe this is in the Autumn and in past centuries November the 11th was celebrated as a thanksgiving day. Here in Irene it is early summer when we hold our Patronal Festival – a wonderful time of year for a Parish picnic, which we held in 2012, and will hopefully become an annual tradition.

Leadership Team

Chiboni Evans

Church Warden

Marti Slater


Rev’d Aaron Chituta


Neil Weedon

Church Warden


Sunday worship
7am service Traditional service and Eucharist – singing and music on alternate Sundays
9am family service Less formal Anglican service, with singing and music. Children and youth ministries run simultaneously.

Wednesday mid-week worship
9am service Traditional unsung Eucharist followed by fellowship tea.

Saturday service
Saturday morning prayer service 8am prayer and informal teaching Please come and join one of our services

Youth and Children

From toddlers in the crèche through to Grade 6’s, our aim is to lead our children to love the Lord, to know Him through His word, to trust Him, to lean on Him, to turn to Him and to sing and praise Him. Our lessons aim to bring unity so the curriculum is based on the Anglican calendar and goes hand in hand with the adult teaching.

Our Sunday School meets during the at 9am service on Sundays.

In today’s challenging world, Sunday mornings at 9 create the space for young people to explore their understanding of the world and its issues guided by the unchanging word of God.

Dedicated classes and teaching to prepare young people for confirmation are integrated with the Sunday Youth meetings. We also get together regularly socially – either for fun activity or just to have a cup of coffee and chat. Link to fellowship activity

For more information:

Come along one Sunday morning.

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Church Location

16 King Street, Irene

Tel: 012 667 2180 or 012 667 6299
Fax: 012 667 1261