Prayer Ministry

Prayer is the bedrock of our parish. Our prayer team meets on Monday evenings at 7pm to pray together for people in need, for the frail, the sick, our church, our Diocese, our community and our country. We pray for people to grow in faith, we pray for the Kingdom of God to grow, we pray for the vulnerable, the suffering that their plight might be relieved. We pray that God will mobilise His people to stand up for justice, bring healing and hope. We pray for our world and for its leaders.

We have people from our prayer team available after each service who will pray with you whether for your own needs or for those of someone you care about.

Anyone is welcome to join us and pray with us.

Anyone in need of prayer for themselves or for others is welcome to come and experience the touch of prayer.

Chat to Rosanne Blackbeard for any prayer needs.

We have a chain of prayers who pray in the quiet of their own time and place for emergency needs and for on-going needs.

Call the church office on 012 667 2180 or 012 667 6299 for more.